Natural Methods for Horse and Rider

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Congratulations to the winners of our 2017 Confidence Course Showdown!
in the categories of Horsemanship, Renegade, Open, and First Timers!

2018 Clinics

Full Day Clinics
March 17     Horsemanship - basic groundwork and riding exercises
April 7         Horsemanship - basic groundwork and riding exercises
April 19-21* Boot Camp  - three day shape up for successful summer riding
May 17-19*  Boot Camp - so popular we added another one
July 14th     Horsemanship - basic groundwork and riding exercises
Sep 15         Horsemanship - one more chance for the basics
Sep 22         Advanced Horsemanship - If you've done your homework

All full day clinics will be held from 9am to 4pm at Rockin' HB Ranch, 7565 N State Route 42, Waynesville OH
Regular Full Day Clinic $150 (includes free lunch)
Boot Camp $375  (includes free lunch daily)
Auditors at regular clinics are $10 each day which includes a free lunch
Full payment is required to reserve your spot in all clinics.  Negative Coggins is required at or prior to check-in.

Half Day Clinics
Jan 13       Dancing with your horse: Maneuvers set to music
May 5        So you want to be in a parade! Desensitizing to scary parade situations
June 30     Gaited Clinic: How to get your four beat on "naturally"
Aug  11      Water Clinic: Desensitizing over, under and through water.  You will get wet.
Nov 10       Groundwork...Beginner and Advanced Welcome!
Dec 8         Christmas Drill Team...Dress you and your horse for the holidays and come have fun!

All half day clinics will be held from 9am to 12 noon at Rockin' HB Ranch in Waynesville OH
Half Day clinic is $75
Auditors are free at half day clinics

Confidence Course Showdown and "fall festival"
Oct 20th  Confidence Course $40 entry fee and prerequisite of a Helge's Horse Training clinic.  Auditors are  FREE at the Confidence Course Showdown.  Free food for all!

For questions and registration information….call or email Helge


I develop a relationship with a horse that is Firm, Fair and Fun.  It's the same recipe I use with my kids.  People ask me if I'm a "horse whisperer" and I say no....it's just plain talk.  You simply have to know the language.

                                                                        Helge Buflod

        We are pleased to announce our new place, 
the Rockin' HB Ranch!  
(effective December 2014)
Fortunately it already felt like home! 
We were sad to see our friends, the Morris family, move to Texas.  We feel blessed to carry on their legacy ofexcellent horse care at the stables, and be able to offer more training services at this beautiful facility!
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