Natural Methods for Horse and Rider

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To me, Natural Horsemanship is communicating in a way that makes the most sense to the horse.  The horse's language is simple but not always easy.  It is a combination of body language, understanding the herd pecking order, and using the right amount of pressure, but more importantly, the right amount of RELEASE to get your point across.  It's about making your idea become their idea.

"Firm, Fair and Fun" are three really important elements in my training.  FIRM, to me is RESPECT.  In a relationship, you need both love and respect, but the respect needs to come first.  I like a balance of 51% respect and 49% love.  FAIR, means that I am consistent with my cues.  It also means that I will ask politely and lightly for everything, but will be as firm as necessary to get the right answer.  To keep both horse and rider interested in training, there has to be an element of FUN.  My training session sometimes looks like a party, with hula hoops, balloons, balls and teeter-totters.  I like to keep things interesting and challenging for all of us.

We start with ground exercises to build a foundation for the riding that is to come.  I like a round pen, but you can get the job done without it.  Through approach and retreat methods, I gain the horse's trust and respect.  First, we work on desensitizing.  From there, he learns to yield from both rhythmic and direct pressure; moving backwards, forwards and sideways from the ground.  All this, before we get in the saddle.

When we first ride in the saddle, I start the horses with rope halters, making sure they can steer, stop, backup and go sideways before I put a bit in their mouth.  Then the bit is simply a refinement of all the cues they already know.  With these solid basics, the horse can easily go on to excel in the specific discipline of choice.

Specializing In
Colt Starting * Trail Training * Trailer Loading * Cantering & Leads * Relationship Building * Zebra Training * Problem Solving (bucking, biting, leading, kicking, etc) * Gaited Horse (getting & keeping your horse in gait) * Obstacle Course Training
                                        .........And much more!




Price List

Gift Certificates Available, contact Helge 937-689-9475.

Hourly Training
$65 per hour

Weekly rate; at my facility
$275 per week, includes 5 hours of training, including a lesson with you, & board

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