Natural Methods for Horse and Rider

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I just want to thank you for the most relaxing and fun filled days that I've had in a
 long time.  ""Boot Camp" sounds so strict, strenuous and serious. Wow!! Have I been
 pleasantly surprised!  It's been fun, filled with friends and laughter and great learning 
opportunities.  As if all of that wasn't enough, the most fabulous gourmet lunch 
miraculously appeared each day! It's been great!!
Lesa Stewart
April 2013

I learned I was able to go fast between the obstacles and stop him and "transition" to 
slow mode at a challenging obstacle. When I got my horse Buckeye, I could sense 
he was a good horse for me to easily ride.  However, in the past year or so of 
extremely useful lessons and clinics, I have learned that an unbelievable 
partnership can be formed between a horse and owner. I am already looking 
forward to more of your clinics as well as your tailor made natural horsemanship 

Thank you too, Holly, for the great food you took the time to prepare for the 

Mary Ann Porter
         I wanted to thank you so much for the great clinic. Everyone was very nice and helped to make it a pleasant experience.. It was a big learning day for me and as I was hoping also for my horse .. I cannot believe that in one day we could learn so much.. I think one thing I learned was that ..I don't think it was him that had the most issues it was me.. With your help in just one day I have more confidence now and can now take what you taught me and help both of us. I have a lot more to learn and have to work on what you taught but  I could not believe it today when I went to the pasture and he was ready to come with me and what he remembered and caught onto so fast from the training and how easy it was for me to saddle him up and get on him .. No lead ropes and no riders to test him first ...<laughing> I just wanted you to know that I am truly thankful for your  patience, knowledge and your time that made it a fun filled and very educating day ..

 Thank you !!!! Patricia

Had a wonderful time at your clinic. I noticed where my weaknesses are and my improvements both.
I tested myself and my Horse. Shooting the gun showed the one of many things the horse needs to improve on, I think the biggest weakness I saw was Massina’s social anxiety in large groups. But at the same time how much she has improved since we bought her.
Thanks for the wonderful time, will have to keep working on the ground work with her, noticed a improvement already today !!!
I honestly believe I would not be riding ,camping ect. with success, without your lessons and riding experience to help us improve.

Jerry Bannister

AWESOME is about the best word!  Helge has helped us with many of our horses and every session with Helge is a new adventure.  He is patient and friendly.  His step by step training methods are always clear and precise; not only for the person but more importantly the horse.  Helge is a huge asset to the equine community.  Thank you for all you have helped us with and empowering us with the tools that our horses and us understand.

Gerry, Steph, Samantha, Winsome, Breeze
Valley, Zoey, Spunky, Cloud, Desi and Little Lily

I've had several trainers work with me and my 19-year-old Trahkener, Murphy.  I bought him as a 7-year-old ex-show jumper along with his "baggage" (which was considerable).  Progress was slow and painful, physically and mentally.  Then, 16 months ago, along came Helge.  In a short time I began to witness changes and, after that, remarkable changes in my horse....and me.  Helge Buflod is a gifted natural horseman.  His amazing skill is only surpassed by his teaching ability, which is unique in that it is tailored to how you learn best.  Most of all, Helge is fun to be with...a kind, gentle, relaxed man who wants you to learn how to connect with your horse.  He is the real thing, the trainer we have all been looking for, hoping for and waiting for.

Carol Rivers, MD
Emergency Physician

I asked for Helge's help for two reasons.  First, I'm raising my first mule baby and I wanted someone who knew what they were doing to help me.  Second, my mule baby was never handled by men and was scared of them.  Helge started working with us when my molly mule baby was 14-months-old (after I moved to the area), and 6 months later she is not scared of men as before.  She actually looks forward to seeing Helge every week.  Also, I am thrilled with the way she responds to the cues I'm learning and how much easier it is for me to handle her using Helge's methods.  I am excited to start riding her this year as a 2-year-old, and with Helge around I won't have the concerns and worries I've had before.  Anytime someone tells me they have a horse issue, I hand them Helge's number.  Thanks Helge, and you'll be working with Syd for as long as we're here.

Dawn and RedHot Sydney "Syd"

What can I say about Helge Buflod, first and foremost he probably saved me a few broken bones along the way!  Two years ago I rescued four 8-month-old horses from Second Chance Horse Rescue.  I had not been around horses for a long time and it was all pretty new to me.  One of my horses had never let ANYONE touch him, so I got Helge's number from the lady who ran the rescue and he came out within the week.  Helge took my horse to the roundpen, and within thirty minutes he asked if I would like to come pet my horse!  Everyone at the rescue had tried to connect with this horse, but had no luck; Helge did it in thirty minutes!  Needless to say Helge and I work together every week now with all my horses.  I truly believe this training is one of the most important (and fun) things I have ever spent my money and time on.  I now have well-mannered horses to work and play with thanks to Helge's dedication.  The most important thing Helge has taught me is that before your horses will love you they must RESPECT you first.  This holds ture not only in relationships with animals but also with people.  Anyone that has the chance to work with Helge Buflod is a lucky person.

Pam Byrd
Waynesville, Ohio.

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