Helge at Age 2 with his stud pony CoCo.

Natural Methods for Horse and Rider

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My first horse was a stud pony named CoCo, when I was 2.  That was the beginning of a lifetime of enjoying horses.

I have studied and practiced natural horsemanship methods for the past 10 years.  I've had training and certification in Pat Parelli, John Lyons and Clinton Anderson programs.  I have attended numerous clinics and seminars across the country by many more national and local trainers.  I've picked out techniques that were the most successful for me, but having all the methods in my back pocket allows me to customize training methods to the individual needs of the horse and rider.

My biggest teachers have been the hundreds of horses I have worked with.  They are the most honest creature that God has created.  They let you know if you're doing something right or if you're doing it wrong.

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